About us

TITOO is a household name specially in North India. Titoo brand is a premium brand from Qoot Food Limited. TITOO vision is to introduce Healthy Cookies & Snacks to the people who are care for their health.

TITOO uses all natural ingredients and is produced in the FDA registered manufacturing facility having ISO 22000 FSMS certification. TITOO aims to defy the common belief that Healthy can not be Tasty. So TITOO invites you to taste its Tasty products and embark on a journey of Good Health.

TITOO products are only available at AMAZON.in so please visit TITOO Store and try the healthy & tasty Titoo Cookies, Munchies & Papad.

TITOO will keep on innovating and introducing healthy and tasty products to the people for a lip smacking experience with added health benefits.

Bottom Trust

Titoo adding happiness to your life

Our Vision & Mission
  • "Pehla Sukh Nirogi Kaya" – Titoo strive to help you achieve the Happiness of Good Health with healthy food products.
  • To bring innovative products to give joy and good health to consumer.
  • To Change life style of consumers to shift to healthy cookies & snacks.
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